Ivory Polyester

The color of vintage French lace and pearls is Ivory Polyester. Ivory Polyester is a soft cream color that isn’t quite white. Ivory Polyester carries the lightest tints of beige. Ivory is a quiet color because it doesn’t have the drama of bright white. Ivory Polyester is also a bride favorite because it is a great alternative to white, and it also works well with almost any color. To create an earthy look, Ivory Polyester can be paired with Peach Satin, Sage Polyester, or Brown Polyester. To lighten up a dark palette adding Ivory Polyester can be the perfect touch.

Avaliable Sizes:
108 Inches Round

120 Inches Round
132 Inches Round
90x156 Inches Rectangle
90x132 Inches Rectangle
90x90 Inches Square