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We strive to provide the best chair rental customer service in the event rental industry. We have been renting Chiavari chairs and Ghost chairs and other party rental equipment in Chicago area since 2001. On this site you will find the largest selection of quality chairs and other event and wedding supplies in Illinois. 

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What’s all this about Chiavari chairs? Are you asking yourself what the big deal is with chiavari chairs?

Chiavari chairs are designed to be graceful, lightweight and elegant, yet sturdy, utilitarian and stackable. Chiavari Chairs are the perfect chair for any occasion, whether indoors or outdoors.

Rent Chiavari chairs and add a classic touch to any wedding reception or special event.

Chiavari Chairs Rentals of Chicago offers the lowest prices in Illinois area for gold, silver, white, black or mahogany Chiavari Chairs. The slim design provide spacious seating at banquets, weddings and other events. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or intimate dinner party, we are here for you. Read more about Chiavari chairs rental service in Chicago here.

Chiavari Chairs Rental Chicago

Ghost chair rental in Chicago!

We specializing in Ghost Chair Rental for all occasions.

Ghost Chair Rental

We are the leading ghost chair rental company in Chicago area.

These stylish seats (Ghost Chair) are making a stand in weddings and events all over. We’re excited to offer this unique option. Their growing popularity has to do with their function and style. Being transparent or lightly tinted, they give the illusion of more space in the room.
They give off a lovely shine that make its neighboring colors vibrant. This helps a venue feel more spacious than it is. While a rather modern design, the Ghost Chair’s look blends equally well into both modern and traditional settings.

Ghost chair: surprisingly comfortable, it has graced the pages of high-end design magazines and cozied up to formal and modern furniture alike.

You will love everything about it-the classic shape rendered in a modern material, the fact that it takes up zero visual space and allows light to filter right through it. Ghost Chair it’s also comfortable and the perfect seat for when guests need a place to sit!

We also have chair covers for any ghost chair, and custom monograms and patterned decals. Want a practical and hip addition to your event setting? Contact us today to reserve our Ghost Chairs!