Turquoise Satin

The color of the sky and the ocean, Turquoise Satin is an inspiring color. Turquoise Satin is a calming and refreshing color that is a reflection of the beautiful ocean. Turquosie Satin is fit for any event and works great in spring, summer, and winter weddings. Since you can combine Turquoise Satin with many other colors, you can get a variety of responses. Turquoise Satin with Fuchsia Satin creates a bold contrast. Pairing Turquoise Satin with Black Satin and White Satin can create a modern feel. Or you can use Turquoise Satin with Desert Mariposa Satin or Sunny Yellow Satin for a fresh look. Turquoise Satin is tropical color so it is a popular choice for beach and destination weddings.

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