What Makes Chiavari Chairs The Best Choice

Whether it is a wedding, anniversary, birthday, shower, corporate event or any other occasion, we have the right chairs for you. The Chiavari Chairs. Our wooden Chiavari chairs are light weight, strong and well maintained. We have the highest quality and our prices cannot be beat! The most affordable Chiavari chair rentals serving Chicago, its vicinity and Northwest Indiana.

Upgrade your event and make it breathtaking! Ditch the plastic folding chairs or standard banquet chairs for a better, classier and more beautiful Chiavari chairs for around the same budget. With Spring and Summer right around the corner, garden weddings, classy bridal and wedding showers are being planned everywhere around Chicago, Indiana and its surrounding suburbs.

Chiavari Chair Look

Our Chiavari Chairs distinctively compliment the greeneries and floral arrangements used during these special events and our color variety properly fit the occasion. Durable for indoor and outdoor events, your guests will be pleased with how comfortable the seat cushions are as well as their trendy design. We have cushions in a pallet of colors to find the right ambiance.

Red Cushion Chiavari.

What Are Chiavari Chairs?

The Chiavarina was created in 1807 by a cabinetmaker from Chiavari on the northwestern Italian coast, Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, who at the invitation of the president of the Economic Society of Chiavari, the Marquis Stefano Rivarola, reworked some chairs in the French Empire style, simplifying the decorative elements and lightening the structural elements.
The chair was a success and soon many factories opened in Chiavari and surrounding towns. When Gaetano Descalzi died in 1855, about 600 workers were making Chiavari chairs. The chair was praised by Charles Albert of Savoy, Napoleon III, and by the sculptor Antonio Canova.

Why Chiavari Chairs have become popular in Chicago area?

Chiavari chairs are now becoming popular and many people prefer to have them in their events. There are a lot of reasons to choose Chiavari Chairs. Some of them are as:

  • Chiavari Chairs can give a more elegant look to the function and no other type of chair can compete with this elegance
  • Chiavari chairs are considered as the best choice when someone wants to arrange a formal event on a larger scale
  • If the bride and groom want to arrange the best sitting for their guests, chiavari chairs are always the best option
  • Chiavari Chairs take less space and therefore, more people can be adjusted around a single table
  • These Chiavari chairs are lightweight and are easy to carry anywhere in the hall
  • Choosing the right type of chairs is an important decision. We suggest you not be confused; always choose Chiavari chairs to make your event amazing. You can buy these chairs from the wholesale market but we suggest rental is the best choice.

Why Chiavari Chairs are best to choose for events in the Chicago area?

If someone is in the search of the best chairs for a special event, no choice is better that chiavari chairs. Although the food and other arrangements matter in a function, your sitting arrangements also play a vital role in adding attractiveness to your event. Chiavari chairs can give more attractiveness to your event. Chiavari chairs are the best source to give a luxurious look for your overall arrangements.
People who are in the search of the gorgeous chairs to add more beauty to their event, Chiavari chairs are the best choice for them and can be available at competitively affordable rates. If you want to arrange an indoor event or an outdoor event, chiavari chairs are the best for both type of events.

Chiavari Chair Sample Chair